Refinery 29 Feature on Valentine’s Day


I think I was cupid in a former life.  I adore this holiday for no apparent reason other than I’m a hopeless romantic and love love. Sure, I agree it’s a bit commercialized (okay, more than a bit) but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a day highlighting such a wonderful emotion that connects us – love between friends, parents and children, family and partners.

So I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day, whoever the love in your life is a result of, and urge you to say “I love you” today.

I’m happy to say some photos I took capturing Danielle and Ron’s Central Park Proposal were featured via How He Asked today on Refinery 29!

Mikkel Paige Photography | Central Park Proposal feature on Refinery 29 via How He Asked Additionally, I want to close with a photo of something my 93 year old grandmother keeps in the nursing home she lives in  that is truly near and dear to me. My grandfather, every year for all special occasions including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and her birthday, would create something special for my grandma. It’d be a painting of some sort created with a piece of mat board, pastels (his chosen artistic medium) and various three-dimensional items he’d put together to make something truly unique. Somewhere in the creation he’d roll up money as a gift to her. The money wasn’t as much the gift as the time, love and thought he put into creating a little work of art was.

I wish for everyone to have a love as strong and special as the one my grandmother and grandpa shared.

So excuse the iPhone photo but when I saw this on a recent visit to my 93 year old grandmother recently I had to capture it, somehow.

Mikkel Paige Photography | Gift from Grandfather to Grandmother | Personal Painting

Happy Valentine’s Day!





Absolutely love that!


The Bradford NC Photos captured by Mikkel Paige Photography. This North Carolina Raleigh event venue has beautiful gardens and is perfect for outdoor or indoor ceremonies and receptions. Design by @vivalevent with a green, black and peach palette. Hair and makeup by Silverceiling Beauty. #mikkelpaige #brideandgroom #Raleighweddingphotographer #raleighweddingvenues
Groom and bride walking away from the camera at Huntington's Harbor Club at Prime.