But did you know...
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Few things make me happier than a warm sunny day complete with blue skies and an ice cold drink to enjoy in fresh air. How delicious and relaxing does that sound?

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I lived out a dream, working in theme park design in Orlando, Florida. Yes, it was as incredible as you imagine!

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I’m a sucker for fireworks. I can sing along to all of Walt Disney World’s WISHES fireworks show and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

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Traveling to see the world is very important to me. I try to do one big trip a year and smaller trips year-round.

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I’m a foodie – lover of sushi, homemade pasta, and much more. There are very few foods I don’t like. And I LOVE vegetables!

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If I had a super power I’d speak every language.

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I love making family and friends smile. How could you not love a smile like this?

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I did cake decorating for a while and still occasionally create sugar art for family and friends. Remind me to tell you about the time I was almost on a cake decorating reality show…

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I’m named after my great grandmother, Martha (M) and great grandfather, Philip (P). I never had the pleasure of meeting them but I know they were incredible people and it makes me even prouder of my name, which I absolutely love.

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I’m left-handed. (And yes, I’m convinced I’m more creative for it!)

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I’m the middle child between two amazing siblings. My older sister is a fashion designer and younger brother is in FDNY. All three of us are very creative, actually!

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I love making jewelry, sewing and painting when I have the time. They’re therapeutic. I used to spend way too much money at bead stores. But a girl’s gotta have nice gems!

About Mikkel

Mikkel always has an optimistic thought on her mind, nail polish on her toes, several meetings on the calendar, and a daydream for her next adventure. For better or worse, she is a night owl who often can’t bring herself to go to bed before 1:00am. Her love for seeing the world and meeting interesting people has made her value the unexpected, good communication and finding inspiration in anything from street art to a thoughtfully crafted meal. She’s a sucker for blue skies and sunshine, sour straws, a good dirty martini and an amazing fireworks show (not necessarily in that order) ;-)…and emoticons.

She is a perfectionist who puts her all into every aspect of her life, from doing things that will make her family and friends smile to going the extra mile for her brides and grooms. She feels incredibly grateful to be living her passion and is continuously enthusiastic about capturing such important days in the lives of those who entrust her with such an honor.