Anatomy of a Wedding Album


I often get asked to explain various parts of a wedding album and wanted to offer some labeled photos to explain it all. (If you’re anything like me visuals really help!) Please note this is how Mikkel Paige Photography albums are designed – we cannot speak for all photographers in the world and their products.

In this post I explain what the following features are:

  • Spread versus a page
  • Debossing
  • Page thickness
  • How many photos are in an album?
  • How does the design process work?

I also go through the differences between my Fine Art and my Signature album options.

Spread versus a Page

The most common thing I explain is what a spread is versus a page. Very simply, a spread is two pages facing one another. When you add pages to an album, you’re adding one spread per additional page. Albums begin on the left with two pages facing one another (as opposed to the way a book usually starts, with the page on the right starting the story.)

Mikkel Paige Photography wedding album options explained. Spreads and layouts and photo options.


Debossing is simply a term for imprinted words on the exterior of the album. It refers to the options on the cover and spine. What the text says is completely up to the couple.

Blind debossing means it’s simply imprinted without a color ink/paint applied to the space.

You’ll notice an inset photo as well, which is another option on albums. 

Mikkel Paige Photography wedding album options explained. Debossing cover options for text.
Mikkel Paige Photography wedding album options explained. Debossing spine options for text.

Album size

The two most popular sizes of albums I offer are 12×12″ (for the wedding couple) and 8×8″ (for parents).

Here is a photo where you can see the difference between the two:

Mikkel Paige Photography photos of a fine art leather Madera wedding album in Oxblood. 12x12" album for the bride and groom and 8x8" parent albums.

Page thickness

The page thickness simply refers to just that – how thick the page is.

Mikkel Paige Photography wedding album options explained. Page thickness is displayed.
Mikkel Paige Photography fine art black leather album for a wedding at Hopewell Valley Vineyards.

How many photos are in an album?

Lastly, I get asked “how many photos are in an album?,” often.

There is no set number. While some spreads may have six images across it in the case of family photos, for instance, another spread may only have one or two if the images are so outstanding and warrant the space. Therefore, albums are priced with spreads in mind, not the number of images.

You’ll see there’s just one image on the album on the left, below, with a standout image of the bride. But two photos on the right page. And there are five images across the spread in the album on the right.

Photos from a winter wedding at Central Park Loeb Boathouse in NYC, by Mikkel Paige Photography, are beautifully displayed. The bride and groom chose a navy blue leather 12x12" album with spine and cover debossing to remember their day. #mikkelpaige #centralparkwedding #loebboathousewedding #NYCweddingphotographer #navyblueweddingalbum #parentalbums

How does the design process work?

It’s easy! Because couples received about 800-1,000 images from their wedding, I find they’re often overwhelmed when it comes to designing their album…until they find out I make it easy and stress-free and create the first draft of their album for them! Yay!! After the first draft is created online, a link and email are sent to the couple with instructions of how to comment to make changes. Once the album design is approved by the couple they hit “approve” in the online cloud proofing system (much like what is pictured below in the screen shot). They then fill out an online form for various cover options.

After the album is approved, form filled out for cover options and the album is printed, Mikkel Paige personally receives it for quality assurance checking and then ships it off to the couple with a tracking number.

For more on the design process check the “albums” page of my site.

Mikkel Paige Photography wedding album options explained.

Please check out our “products” category on the blog for examples of couples’ beautiful wedding albums.

Interested in filling out your cover options form at this point? Click below for the type of album you ordered with me:

And if you want to order one (which is one of the best gifts a couple can give themselves from their wedding or family and friends can gift to them) don’t hesitate to contact me.





The Bradford NC Photos captured by Mikkel Paige Photography. This North Carolina Raleigh event venue has beautiful gardens and is perfect for outdoor or indoor ceremonies and receptions. Design by @vivalevent with a green, black and peach palette. Hair and makeup by Silverceiling Beauty. #mikkelpaige #brideandgroom #Raleighweddingphotographer #raleighweddingvenues
Groom and bride walking away from the camera at Huntington's Harbor Club at Prime.